In Sanskrit,

KOSH means Treasure,

HUE means Shades,

KOSHUE means Treasure of shades.  


KAJUL JETHWANI, the founder of Koshue, has always been fascinated over solid colours with minimal details and unusually appealing silhouettes on plain fabrics.


KOSHUE is a luxury label. Its products are adaptable to one’s style and individuality. You’ll find the depth of details like never before. 


LINES ALIGNED, Inspired by linear visuals and its everlasting connection to Koshue, this year’s collection is all about an affair with pleats. 


Each pattern is carefully aligned to fit and fall on your body like no other. 


CORPORATE CLUB, the classic pattern of Koshue gives way to numerable styling options that amp up your circular wardrobe notion. 


As much as this style is about comfort, it keeps your best foot forward at your Corporate club.


In CLASSICS, you’ll experience some real SIGNATURE KOSHUE. Make the style statement with our perfect fit. With these unstoppable dresses, who wouldn’t steal the show?